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Three Reasons Why Social Media Is Indispensible to Marketers

Three Reasons Why Social Media Is Indispensible to Marketers

Social media went from a tertiary consideration for adventurous brands to a must-have for most in a few short years. It’s become one of the most important communication channels for marketers for three simple reasons. First, social media has achieved complete mass market uptake. Second, it enables the most powerful form of marketing: word-of-mouth advertising. Finally, social media holds the tantalizing promise of exponential returns to a marketing budget.

Looking first at social media’s market penetration, with 1 in every 3 people on the planet now online, according to the Internet World Stats, it’s safe to say that digital and social media are well-entrenched in everyday life. In developed markets such as the United States, Britain and Russia, roughly half of adults use Facebook and similar social websites, according to the Pew Research Center. Canada has the 2nd highest engagement across the globe, with consumers spending more than 41 hours per month online on their desktop computers, as found by comScore.

And what motivates millions of people of all ages to spend their spare time typing comments and posting photos and videos online? The answer is that it’s in our nature.

Read the rest on the Canadian Marketing Association Blog.

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2 Responses to “Three Reasons Why Social Media Is Indispensible to Marketers”

  1. Miguel

    Interesting information, I didn’t know that Canada has the 2nd highest engagement across the globe. Do you know who as the highest? Social is a must now days. Keep up the good work.

    • Stephanie Myers

      Great question! According to comScore, Canada is second only to the US for engagement, as measured by average monthly hours per visitor. Take a look at the 2013 Digital Future in Focus for more interesting stats on digital in Canada:


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