Building brands in a changing society

A Look Back: Top Posts from 2011

Here are my most popular posts from 2011. One is even from 2010, showing the ongoing relevance of conversations about brand, marketing and social responsibility.

1. The new brand architecture

A lot is expected of a brand these days. A brand needs to differentiate an offering from the competition, develop a relationship with consumers, and now, it’s expected to be the public face of a company’s sustainability strategy.


2. What tomorrow’s smart homes really need

The home of the future is one where technology plays a starring role in managing energy demand and conditioning consumers to be more energy efficient. There is just one hitch in this vision: If consumers are to adopt new technology and learn new behaviour, they need to start caring a lot more about their household energy usage.


3. Few corporate leaders tackling big issues through social media

What do IBM, Pepsico and General Electric have in common? They are part of a very small club of global companies taking advantage of social media to share their sustainability story.


4. Ecolabels add to the challenge of shopping green

In an environmentally conscious world, consumers often look for reassurance that they are making a good choice for the planet while they’re shopping. Ecolabels are supposed to make this easier by identifying products with positive social or environmental attributes. But with a plethora of ecolabels now on the market, is it too much of a good thing?

5. When the retail shelf dictates the health of the planet

Despite good intentions, many consumers continue to buy products that have a negative impact on the environment. That’s why retailers play an important role in shaping consumer behavior by what they stock.


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