Building brands in a changing society

It’s Time for Brands to Embrace a New Role

Social Media Q&A with Jack Perone

Part one of a five-part interview series about the challenges and opportunities that social media presents to the brand idea.

Marketers who want to take full advantage of social media need to first understand that social media has forced brands and consumers into a new relationship. At its heart, advertising is the act of storytelling. Before social media, a brand could, without doubt, lay claim to being the teller of its own story. A message was broadcast through one-way media channels – television, radio, out-of-home, print – to an audience that was largely only intended to receive. Today the roles are recast and consumers are empowered to share their opinions as never before. I talk to Jack Perone, VP, Strategic Planning Director at JWT Canada, about the changing role of brands in competition with so many consumer voices.

How do you define a brand idea and how would you distinguish it from a campaign idea?

A brand idea is fundamentally what a brand stands for. A campaign idea is how we bring that to life. The brand idea should endure over time. It defines who you are and what you stand for. It’s meant to dictate all aspects of your brand offering. It goes beyond communication.

How does a strong brand idea help brands make a foray into social media?

It’s really simple to me.  A well-defined brand idea forces you to think about the conversations and content your brand can authentically participate in.

How has social media changed storytelling?

Read the rest on the JWT Blog.


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