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Why the Brand Idea Still Matters in the Age of Social Media

With Social Media Week fast approaching in New York, Singapore, Milan, Tokyo, and other major centers, it’s a good time to take stock of how brands are faring in our always-on, multi-channel, multi-device marketing world.

Social media has grown from a tertiary consideration for adventurous brands to a must-have for most in a few short years. While the benefits that social media offers are many, marketers must also grapple with the challenge of telling a coherent brand story across a growing array of platforms and increasingly competitive landscape. How can the brand idea avoid becoming eroded in a sea of Facebook activations, Youtube videos and Twitter hashtags?

Today I launch the first of a five-part interview series that explores the challenges and opportunities that social media presents to the brand idea. I tackle this topic in conversation with leaders from the JWT network and beyond who offer a range of perspectives:

The consensus – from those grounded in brand theory to those on the frontlines of digital engagement – is that the brand idea still needs to be at the center of all marketing activities. Given the fragmentation of social channels, it’s now more important than ever before that all marketing efforts be unified under a powerful brand idea.

Be sure to watch this space for a new interview each day, as well as the white paper Why the Brand Idea Still Matters in the Age of Social Media on February 15th.


2 Responses to “Why the Brand Idea Still Matters in the Age of Social Media”

  1. kathsellwood

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    Because no matter how much a brand branches out to all these fancy devices, they can’t cover up the fact that their brand has an awful past, present or even future. Without a good solid brand, companies will struggle to communicate to it’s customers!


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