Building brands in a changing society

Can Every Brand be a Content Brand?

Social Media Q&A with Ingrid Bernstein

Part two of a five-part interview series about the challenges and opportunities that social media presents to the brand idea.

To succeed in social channels, marketers can embrace one of the things that social media does best: the sharing of content. Social channels have a voracious appetite for content—users want to comment, like, Tweet, blog, and pin. Branded content answers that need by offering up entertaining and stimulating material. But, as Ingrid Bernstein, Director of Experience at JWT New York, tells me in our interview, marketers need to take on strategic and production hurdles to turn their brand into a content brand.

What do you see as the greatest challenge for brands making a foray into social media?

When you’re in social media, there’s much more need for real-time production. I think that’s one of the biggest pain points for brands right now. Brands need the resources and ability to do it, but also the body memory within those organizations that are used to the cadence and process of ad creation. These are very, very different things. Brands often try to bring that same ad creation process to content that should in reality be more real-time—a  bit more loose, a little less precious, more culturally relevant, more timely.

What else are marketers typically struggling with as they invest in social media?

Another thing that I think is really difficult—this is the elephant in the room—is the ROI piece. What’s in it for them? Brands have a hard time figuring that out. There’s a really good reason for that: it is really hard to figure out. What is a Facebook ‘Like’ worth to a brand? How do you quantify that?

Read the rest on the JWT Blog.


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