Building brands in a changing society

How Brands Can Thrive Among Multiple Screens and Divided Attention

Social Media Q&A with Christophe Cauvy

Part three of a five-part interview series about the challenges and opportunities that social media presents to the brand idea.

It’s an exciting time to be in marketing. Traditional media channels are making way for a universe of digital options. Advertising is evolving past blatant commercial messages to include content and community. And consumers equipped with all manner of apps and devices are taking an active role in helping brands prosper. As long as marketers continue to serve up relevant, compelling ideas, consumers will open up their lives and their networks to brands. I talk to Christophe Cauvy, head of digital and innovation, JWT Europe, about how brands can maintain share of heart and mind in today’s marketing environment.

Success for brands in social media calls for ideas that consumers want to share. How can we ensure that our campaigns are more social in nature?

You could argue that if the idea or the story is entertaining, refreshing, unique, challenging and adds value – regardless of the medium and whether digital or not – it is more likely to be social. This means that not only will people share it on social platforms such as Twitter or Facebook, but they will talk about it when meeting friends or colleagues.

The ultimate accolade happens when an ad is so iconic that it becomes part of pop culture. Ideas that are culturally relevant are bound to be more social.

Some brands don’t naturally inspire a community of passionate followers. How can these brands generate more passion on social media?

There are brands that people are naturally passionate about. You usually find them in such categories as luxury, automotive, fashion, music, sports. On the other hand, some products don’t generate that much passion, for example toothpaste or salt. How many people are ready to become friends with a salt brand? In this case, rather than surfing the passion wave, brands must bet on the utility factor: how can they provide an added service that is going to be truly useful to customers?  Social media can definitely be part of the solution.

Read the rest on the JWT Blog.


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