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White Paper: Why the Brand Idea Still Matters in the Age of Social Media

A brand, wrote Stephen King in 1971, “has to be a coherent totality, not a lot of bits.” The founder of JWT’s planning department knew that brands are most effective when all their elements come together as a single unique personality. What would King make of today’s fragmented world of marketing where communication is delivered quite literally in bits: a Facebook comment, a 140-character Tweet, a Pinterest image.

The driver for this is, of course, social media. In every sector of society where individuals and organizations interact, social media has emerged as a disruptive force. While the benefits of social media to marketers are many – opening a two-way dialogue with consumers, influencing word-of-mouth, building rich stores of data – the challenges for brands can’t be ignored. In particular, brands must consider how to tell a coherent story across a growing array of platforms and amid a cacophony of consumer and competitor voices.

How can marketers take advantage of all that social media offers while protecting the integrity of the brand idea? Is it even realistic that one idea can support conversations with millions of consumers across hundreds of platforms in multiple formats? The answer is an unequivocal yes. Given the demands of the today’s media landscape, it’s never been more important for all marketing efforts to be unified under a powerful brand idea.

Download the full report or view Slideshare version.


2 Responses to “White Paper: Why the Brand Idea Still Matters in the Age of Social Media”

  1. Sandy Gerber

    I agree that in the ever evolving world of social media this requires a brand to be even stronger and able to be adapted to fit on all types of devices and formats in order maintain the same impact. As marketers, this is all part of the the game. We shouldn’t merely try to keep up with current technology but try to stay one-step-ahead.

    • Stephanie Myers

      Hi Sandy,

      Thanks for the comment. You’ve captured the one of the big challenges facing marketers these days…staying true to the brand while staying ahead of the technology!



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