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Column in Marketing: Singapore as a glimpse of our mobile future

Why marketers need to keep a close eye on this small-but-mighty country

Singapore may be a small island state, but it has global status and influence that is disproportionate to its size. Dwarfed by its closest neighbours, Malaysia and Indonesia, Singapore offers economic opportunities that make it second only to Switzerland in competitiveness, according to the World Economic Forum. Singapore is full of many wonders, including well-funded attractions vying for first-in-class status, such as the top-notch casino Marina Bay Sands, an observation wheel bigger than the London Eye and an airport voted the world’s finest, to name just a few.

But what is most remarkable from a marketer’s perspective is not the award-winning architecture or lavish malls. It’s the staggering number of people, no matter their age or socio-economic status, who own smartphones.

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