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Column in Campaign Asia: Who needs digital expertise?

It occurred to me while at the recent iMedia Brand Summit that it’s been a long time since digital marketing meant microsites, banner ads and maybe the occasional email. The iMedia Brand Summit brings together brand leaders with agency, media and technology partners for three days of discussion about the latest in digital marketing technologies, platforms and approaches.

While informative, the conference also highlighted the fact that the industry is now well entrenched in an age of extreme complexity. Today even the most basic marketing initiative requires a small army of digital specialists to bring it to market. Will the campaign involve content marketing, real-time marketing, mobile marketing, or location-based marketing? Which advertising formats and media platforms will be used? How will the campaign be delivered and monitored across channels? How will the data be collected and analyzed? How will conversions be tracked? Every question opens up more options, and the possible combinations of technology solutions and media platforms are seemingly endless.

For me, the most important question that senior-level marketers should ask themselves is probably the most controversial: how much do they really need to know about every facet of digital marketing?

Read the rest on Campaign Asia.


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